Summer Holiday Advice

Summer Holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time to start planning. Whether you are going surfing, hiking or driving this summer, it’s really about the location. Where will you go this year? Here are just a few of our favored destinations to consider, with the team’s recommendations on how to properly prepare.



Cologne skyline at night – released under creative commons

Cologne skyline at night – released under creative commons

With Summer season domestic flights starting from just 10£ you can travel to Cologne. Experience beautiful churches, amid the modern urban crawl in one of Germany’s biggest cities. Cologne has a bustling nightlife with over 70 night clubs, the most pubs per capita in Germany, and a captivating skyline along the Rhine River. During the day you can explore the eccentricities of european fashion in Ehrenstraße and by night venture into the exciting nuances of the German Music scene in one of the many venues around the city.

To keep you prepared, for this trip we recommend the Pack-it collection by Eagle Creek for compact and organized luggage for your weekend or short stay getaway. When all you’ll want to travel with is a backpack and a handbag, this modular system of packing ensures you get the most our of your weekend luggage.



Deauville - released under creative commons

Deauville – released under creative commons

Plane fares advertised as low as 10€ make Deauville a tempting destination. Located West of Paris right on the English Channel, this beautiful city offers sunny beaches, horse races, and architecture right out of a storybook. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind to enjoy the stylings of some of the finest seafare restaurants in France. Or perhaps experience the fresh sea air from a leisurely sail about the Channel for an afternoon.

For your relaxing afternoons on the beach, we recommend the picnic kits from Black+Blum. These high quality containers provide easy packing and organization for any meal that should be enjoyed ‘Au naturel.’



A market stand with olives and peppers – released under creative commons

A market stand with olives and peppers – released under creative commons

Round-trip tickets are listed as low as 60€ for travel to this gem of a city. Come bask in the artistry of these streets with a walk down the gothic quarter, or perhaps lose yourself in Antoni Gaudi’s Segrada Familia. Barcelona is known for its history of art and architecture, but there is a whole world of bars and restaurants you can’t find anywhere else in Europe. Serving incredible, traditional and fresh spanish food at costs you wouldn’t believe, Spanish/Barcelonian cuisine will soon become a favorite.

With all Barcelona has to offer, the team here at Pack N Board recommends the Transparent City™ Map. Trace your routes around town, and leave notes about your favorite tapas restaurants and monuments right on the map.


Travel fearlessly this Summer, and let us know where you go! Use #PNBSummer to share Instagram photos and Twitter posts with us on your adventures, and to connect with other travelers in the great Pack N Board family.


Bon Voyage Summer Travellers!



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