Our recommended alternative treats in Paris !

Parisian Street Food

For any traveler hoping to find their way to Paris, here is a quick snapshot of some of the best quick meals you can find in this beautiful city. The idea of street food is that it is to be eaten in the street – on the move – held in hand and enjoyed immediately. These following destinations range from innovative to traditional, but none-the-less provide some of the best food you can find for under 10€. So be bold, travellers ! We present, « Pack N Board’s selection of the best street food in Paris: »

Mozza & Co.

crédit photo : Mozza & Co.

Mozza & Co.

Location: Quai Anatole next to Invalides and the Seine, or driving around – find on Facebook.

Mozza & Co. is a small food truck that strives to provide an authentic Italian cuisine experience out and around Paris. Menu items change with the seasons, but usually revolve around an array of different mozzarella cheeses and oils to be enjoyed hot on focaccia bread or cold with salad and fresh veggies. What we love about this truck is the unique appeal of their food – such a sophisticated but simple idea executed perfectly with a view that’s hard to beat. For the summer they are stationed in a temporary stand for ‘Paris Pláge’ just past Invalides on the bank of the Seine.


L’as du Fallafel

Làs du fallafel

crédit photo : parisbymouth.com 2015

Location: 32-34 Rue des Rosiers, 75004, Latin Quarter

This small Falafel shop has been named time and again the best Fallafel in Paris. Perhaps it is fashionable for us to be recommending this as it IS one of the best, but truly, ‘L’as du Fallafel’ gives you a street eating experience you can’t easily forget. The over stuffed pita wraps will give you a run for your money when you try to figure out how to eat it, but once you do… you’ll make it a destination. The shop is small and humble with a staff busy and fast enough to successfully run a small country, and the line is usually sizable, but it is well worth the wait.


*Rue Mouffetard, 75005

This street features a weekend street market and is littered with wonderful cafés, stands and restaurants. My favorite pizza is here (Golosino’s), some of my favorite bars, a nice square to hang out in, as well as the next two items on this list. Be warned, it is a bit of a hike, located on one of Paris’ small mountains.

Au P’tit Grec

au p'tit grec

crédit photo: Au P’tit Grec

Location: 62 Rue Mouffetard, 75005

Personally and historically voted the « Best Crêpe in Paris » you’ll want to add this to your weekend street foods list. Crêpe carts and pop-up shops are all over the city. However, none are quite the delicious, always fresh and almost always accessible wonder that is Au P’tit Grec. Much like the aforementioned falafel shop, this storefront is small and unassuming, with a usual line on evenings and weekends and service that is swift and organized. Open until 2am on the weekends, this place beats any kabob. The food is fantastic – this crêpe stand is a must try.



Location: 127 Rue Mouffetard, 75005

Bocamexa is but a stone’s throw from Au P’tit Grec with one of the few quality burritos in Paris. For any expat, finding good TexMex in Paris is a struggle. Your options are basically limited to ‘Chipotle’ for around 12€ a piece or whatever you can figure to cook. Bocamexa tastes almost as good as a burrito you’ll find in El Paso Texas. The burritos are large and eating on the move is… difficult, but enjoying this delicious handful of beans and rice and peppers and meat curbside is almost as good as it gets. Give it a shot – and if you don’t know what TexMex is, definitely pay a visit to Bocamexa.


Clasico Argentino


crédit photo : Clasico Argentino 2015

Location: 8 Rue du Pas de la Mule, 75003 Paris

Classico Argentino is a small Argentinian hole-in-the-wall restaurant featuring ice cream, ceviche and Argentinian wines. But what they are really known for is their immense selection of french inspired Empanadas. Sold for 2,50€ a piece, you can mix and match a box of however many you would like to take with you. In recipes ranging from « Brie et des epinards » to seasoned beef, there is something for every mood. These little delights can be carried all over the city to be enjoyed when and where you like. They have many locations around paris, and a food truck that makes frequent tours around the city – track it on their facebook.



Street Markets

Marché Bastille – Boulevard Richard Lenoir – Every Thursday 8am-2pm

Aligre Marché – Place d’Aligre – Tues.-Sun. 7/8am-2 and then 4-7pm weekends


crédit photo: PackNBoard

These two markets offer similar but very different experiences of the Parisian street market, and the food you can get here is some of the best in both quality and authenticity. For example, the Italian store in the covered market at Place d’Aligre serves authentic Italian cheeses, hand made pastas and an array of meats and sauces. On the same note, there is a shop that sells a wide variety of tapenades that are too good for words. Aligre also features a sizable flea market on the weekends in the adjacent square, offering items from books to african masks, just behind the many produce stands. Marché Bastille is perhaps known best for the fish vendors that appear every week with almost any seafare you could imagine available and on display. What the Bastille market has that the Aligre is missing are proper food vendors. Here you can get crêpes, Falafels, sandwiches, cafes, waffles and raw oysters ready to be eaten in the square – Lucky for us, the Marché Bastille is just a few steps from our office, making Thursday’s lunch hour all that much better !




For any traveler planning on making a stop in Paris, these quick eats are the perfect meals to fit in between destination points, whether you stop for a crêpe after a drink in the 5th, or perhaps some empanadas on your way from Bastille to Le Louvre. If you’re looking for quick and affordable bites around town, this list should help. But be careful, you might be back more than once ! Have a good trip !