Découvrez Jordan / Meet Jordan ! Nouveau membre de l’équipe Pack N Board !

Fraichement arrivé des US, Jordan a rejoint Pack N Board la semaine dernière ! Jordan s’occupe d’étendre notre notoriété aux pays anglo-saxons, en priorité le UK ! Découvrez les premières impressions d’un américain à Paris :



“First impressions of living in Paris: Definitely not in Kansas anymore. To my own disadvantage, I neglected to study my French properly enough so as to not feel like a fool most of the time. However, a smile and nod will get you very far in a bakery, and I’m learning more with every kiss on the cheek. The rumors of smelly metros I had heard for so long, I have found to be true. However, people are not rude as American cartoons like ‘Ratatouille’ would make you believe, but quite the opposite, and picnics with wine and cheese seem to be the national favored pass-time which in itself is one of the most amazing thing’s I’ve experienced so far – Paris is a beautiful city, and I am adjusting accordingly.

The architecture of Paris is stunning, and really is the first reason I ever thought of moving here – before meeting friends, seeing my favorite paintings in the louvre, eating a crêpe, learning how to say ‘Crêpe’…etc. I studied art history last summer at a university in the 14eme arr. and fell in love with Paris. Art and the study of art is my first passion, and this Spring just before completing my graduating thesis on painting at FSU in Florida USA, I had the great fortune of meeting Charlotte. She gave me the opportunity to join the Pack N Board team, for which I am grateful and very much excited. Everything seems pretty cool. Here’s to the summer! Can’t wait to keep exploring. » Jordan A.

Bienvenu à toi Jordan !