5 Travel Myths – Debunked

Anywhere you go, you will hear the best and the worst of other people’s travel experiences. And with these stories usually comes a bit of advice. All together, sometimes it is a good idea to consider these helpful hints, but too often are these stories spun into something that makes traveling in general seem too hard, unsafe or otherwise inaccessible. However, we at Pack N Board are determined to inspire travelers everywhere to continue to explore, so we have collected our top 5 travel myths that are in serious need of debunking.

Photo by csharker

Photo by csharker

1. Traveling is too expensive.

If there is something we have heard too much, it’s that traveling is too expensive. Now more than ever, traveling is more accessible and easy for anyone. With the right amount of work, some diligent searching and a bit of luck, any kind of vacation is possible. I once found a round-trip flight from New York City to Paris for $250 – Yes, the flight left on a Tuesday morning and arrived the next Thursday, but If you are ready to go, that kind of flight is a dream. Similarly, Hotels and hostels in most big cities have off seasons, and very often have a few rooms in a very affordable price range if you look hard enough.

With business travel becoming more common, hotels often have a lot of deals and reductions on various weekends. Flights do tend to be more expensive on the weekends, but weekend travel in the off-season is just as easy as any other time

Photo by Eebyrne

The Spanish Steps at dusk, Photo by Eebyrne

2. You will be pick-pocketed

This myth comes with a little warning: in any city you should use your common sense and try to lock your valuables somewhere safe, but for the most part if you are aware of your surroundings, properly prepared and have a good head on your shoulders, this shouldn’t be an issue. The truth of the matter is that yes there are cities that are notorious for petty crime like pick-pocketing – BUT this is just an opportunity to prepare yourself properly, and no reason not to visit a beautiful new city. If you would like to be particularly prepared, the Pack N Board boutique carries an array of secret undergarments that will securely and discretely hold all travel documents, so you can wander around any city knowing you will have everything you need with you at all times.

3. Travel is dangerous for women:

Thanks to the “Taken” series of movies, and a slew of other bad media over the last few decades, western women have adopted the notion that traveling is unsafe for the lone woman. This is simply not true. Much like the Pickpocketing myth, you should always use common sense and try not to put yourself in an inherently compromising circumstance. But fear of the unknown and too much paranoia will squash any chance of enjoying a vacation (if it ever happens at all). In this day and age, there is no reason not to be able to travel without feeling safe and secure.

Photo by Gscarborough

Photo by Gscarborough

4. The best travel experiences happen on the other side of the world.

This notion that we must go as far from home as possible to really see something amazing is just not true. As experience would serve as any indicator, people often neglect the cities and countries in which they live, in the pursuit of world travel. If you want to take a vacation, or have a new cultural experience, instead of flying from Paris to Thailand for three weeks, try taking a Flamenco class for a few days in Seville, Spain. Or even look around for an interesting museum to visit, that would inspire other kinds of travel. This brings us to the next point – the « Stay-cation » – where in the off chance that you cannot leave your own city, you take yourself for a trip to the spa, maybe stay in a hotel for a night or two, and enjoy dinner in an authentically masterful chef’s restaurant. It’s a vacation without traveling – as a last resort, this has proven to be quite relaxing.

5. Traveling is only for the young and single – not families.

This myth relies largely on the previously stated myths, and parents have come to believe that traveling with children in tow is out of the question. If you want to travel, there is always a way. Perhaps saving for the vacation will take longer than it would if you were single, and perhaps it isn’t going to be the most fun to take a few newborn babies abroad, but nothing is more enriching to a young person’s life than world travel. On that note, Pack N Board offers travel accessories for both adults and children, so the whole family can travel together, prepared.

And there you have it. Travel is for everyone, anywhere at any time. And Pack N Board can help you get where you wanna go.

Bon Voyage les travelers !