3 Things You Cannot Find in Vegas…Kids, Vegetable Soup, Boredom… 2

Spending some time in Vegas is like withdrawing yourself from reality…and this is precisely what I experienced over the past few days, flying from Paris via a quick transit in London.  Not only did I initially think this giant gambling playground would make me sick but I also imagined a cardboard cutout city, equating to Disneyland for adults.

I was so wrong !

Entertainment is everywhere… and style as well!

I must admit I loved the mini Eiffel tower (not really so mini) stuck between Venetian canals and gondols. One could say its blasphemous to European geography but who cares ? Vegas is about fun ! Forget your everyday routine and expect to be amazed.

Bellagio, Palazzo, Wynn, Caesar’s…I had never seen so many impressive buildings concentrated along one boulevard, not to mention the magical ballet of lights in Vegas by night…

As diverse and rich was the pallet of cuisine and luxury shops found in the various establishments. As I resisted the call of temptation to spend my savings, I caved to my heart’s delight on American cuisine, home made cheddar burgers topped with crispy onions and more..

All in all I’ve learnt that you can be positively surprised in a new city when you’re least expecting it and I am looking forward to being back and winning a few “big ones”!

I am happy to back in home sweet home Paris. For a long time I felt like the Eiffel tower was so overrated but coming back from Las Vegas I realize how lucky I am to have the real deal just minutes away. It seems that the rest of the world envies us for it, so I might as well just enjoy it!

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